BSP Canopy
The 100' x 130' canopy over our two "Street Soccer" style turf fields allows for soccer to be played all year round.

"If it's problem, we can play. If it's too problem, we can play"

The Street Soccer fields are state of the art and bring out the best in every player who plays. Manufactured with precision in Germany, the fields allows for 5 times more touches on the ball, 16 times more goals, and a whopping 89% ball in play compared to a standard outdoor field.

Rent a field with your friends or bring your whole squad for a 5v5 tournament. Play for as little as $10 per player.

How do I rent a field?

Option #1 • Payment in full 

Ready to go?
Simply choose your field, time, day, and duration and you are good to go!

Option #2 • Field Deposit & Single Player Payment

Waiting for players to confirm but don't want to lose your slot?
Simply choose your field, time, day, and duration and pay your field deposit to reserve your field. Then send the Single Player Payment link to all of your players to pay before they arrive.